Enter the Great Focus Freebooter

With each mask drawing, I have to fight back the urge to put down my pen and pencils in favor of creating a sculpture of the piece I am working on.  The patterns and textures I draw have always called out to be tactile, but the mask drawings are particularly enticing.  I want to talk with the creation, see it moving and feel its expressions change.  These drawings are of spiritual beings, so I’m not surprised that I get such a calling.

I’ve shared some pictures here of the making process for Focus Freebooter, a mask designed to steal concentration.  It is made of many layers of objects: handmade webbing woven into panels, pompoms, folded paper triangles, stitched and padded panels surrounded by piping, glow sticks, fur, library cards, and on and on.  I obsessively manifested the intense detail of my drawings into this sculpture and absolulety loved making it.