Finalized - Dust Jackets for G.G. Becker's Rodney-Winslow Mystery Series

All throughout my childhood, my mom was writing books while my brother and I were at school.  We would come home around 3 o'clock to snacks of apples and cheddar cheese and regale our mom with the day's stories.  I never really knew exactly what her day entailed, but there was evidence of her writing by the sofa: her long-hand writing on yellow legal pads, a smattering of dull and sharply pointed pencils, an unfolded blanket and an empty water glass, perhaps some pretzel rods.  It was curious and inspiring.  She would read her writing to us some nights.  In these days, they were Viking tales. 

I was a bit young at that time to understand much, and I drifted in and out.  In the end, I think my brother heard more of them than I did.  Through the years her stories have changed and I have read them.  They are good.  Her latest writings are mysteries, the Rodney-Winslow mystery series to be precise.  She invited me to make the covers ages ago, and they have been a long time coming.  Thankfully, she is patient.  It was hard for me to find the time but so rewarding to experience translating my mom’s writing to picture.  Collaborating with G.G. has been very cool.

The hard cover books are at press right now and I cannot wait to share them with my mom.  She has no idea that they are on the way!  Here are the dust jackets for the first three books in the series:

You can read the Kindle editions here!