Hello!  Welcome to my explorations!

I’m an artist and a designer. I draw, sculpt, sew, design, write, dream and process. You can see my drawings and sculptures here, and my furniture and other products here.

My subject matter is stupendously varied, as I’m not someone who believes in favorites.  I’m driven by the inter-connectivity of ideas and forms and love exploring different concepts to see where these links occur.

The world is too bountiful to stare in the same direction.  And anyway, a tree without branches is just a big stick.

So I leaf out into a colorful and often obsessive place.  My work is driven by a deep love for working with my hands, repeat pattern, color, systems and process.  Frequently walking the line between the fantastic and real, it seeks to investigate the world we live in with humor and reflection.

When I draw, I work primarily with ink (rapidographs) and colored pencils and have an arsenal topping 500.  My sculptural works are mostly textile-based, sometimes implementing my own surface designed fabrics, and range from tiny dolls to 16-foot tall tornadoes

Raised in the great Midwest, I spent my childhood surrounded by prairie and open sky. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, I moved my studio to Brooklyn, NY, where I developed my practice for a decade before relocating to the Rocky Mountains.  I hold an MFA from Columbia University’s School of the Arts and have been awarded numerous residencies and fellowships.




"Pattie Lee Becker is, in my experience, a dream collaborator. She embodies that perfect tension between imaginative possibility and practical limitation that ensure projects explore and push the edges of expectation. At the same time, Pattie Lee is responsive and adaptable. My favorite moments in our series of collaborations have been when she's taken an idea of mine and then devised a hybrid solution that, ultimately, incorporates and forwards the larger thematic idea of our collective work. Pattie Lee is adept at composing voices and ideas into digestible units of imaginative fodder, her creative energy is formidable, and I can imagine no better person with whom to engage on a project."

- Brad O'Sullivan, Designer, Printer & Proprietor of Smokeproof Press


“Pattie Lee Becker’s artistic process is a vigorous craft that involves assembling a variety of constituent elements into forms that can be read superficially, enjoyed as abstract compositions, or mined for deeper associations.  In 2013, I had the pleasure of inviting Pattie Lee to participate in Design After Dark, an annual fundraiser benefiting the Department of Architecture, Design & Graphics at the Denver Art Museum.  Undertaken with the same attention to craft and curiosity as other examples of her drawings and sculptures, Pattie Lee thoughtfully interpreted the theme of “cast” in a series of over-sized fishing lures.  The five brightly patterned soft sculptures titled “Lures” combined elements of her previous works with randomly collected ones in imaginative ways.  The results sparked curiosity and delight in the minds of both our guests and her fellow participants.”

- Darrin Alfred, Associate Curator of Architecture Design and Graphics, Denver Art Museum


"I have had the pleasure of working with Pattie Lee Becker on her exhibition Ropes for Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) in 2010 and on several museum programs. Ropes was an incredible exhibition featuring drawings and sculptures by Pattie Lee that explored the boundaries and beauty in the seemingly mundane materiality of ropes. Visitors responded very positively to her work, and many returned after their initial visit.  I am continually impressed and inspired by Pattie Lee’s creativity as well as her dedication to her artistic practice. Her works spark dialogue and encourage us to look at the world around us in new ways. I look forward to continuing to watch her career evolve."

- David Dadone, Executive Director & Chief Curator, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art


"Pattie Lee's creative mind is wonderfully expansive; she brought such energy and generosity to our collaboration."

- Dana Elkun, Writer


"Pattie Lee is one part artist and two parts community activist and mentor. During her exhibition at BMoCA, Pattie Lee gave our teen interns the rare opportunity to create a documentary film about her life, studio, inspiration and process. It was an experience that we still talk about and inspired more than a few interns to pursue a life in the arts. I am so grateful to her for opening her world to us."

- Shannon Crothers, Director of Education, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art


"As a design professional I am very sensitive to aesthetic and to my personal space.  The artistry and curiosity present in Pattie Lee's work is timeless and sits perfectly in my home.  She has a truly fantastic hand driven by a superlative imagination.  I have enjoyed being a patron of Pattie Lee's and I intend to remain one." 

- Jamie Marchbank, Design & Development Leader, Founder of FUNCTION


"I’m very pleased to have discovered Pattie Lee Becker’s art.  Having followed her work for several years now I’m consistently surprised at the multitudinous directions her art has taken and how she applies her skills.  I own several of her works because of the emotional impression they made on me at first sight - an impression that has not diminished with time."

- Craig Troyer, Collector


“If Pattie Lee Becker climbed into the microscope during my science lab in junior high and colored all the amoeba, I may have decided to major in BIOLOGY.”  

- Anonymous, Viewer of Powers of Ten at UCCS GOCA


"I am the happy collector of a cluster of four intimate Pattie Lee Becker art works.  They live in a small room in our home, a room for contemplation – a small restroom.   Many of our guests have exited the restroom ready to tell stories about the man hinged at the waist, the dangling coral mobile, the crown of cartoony diamonds and the flutter of flippy creatures… and much much more.  Everyone has their own interpretations of the drawings and always asks about who created them.  We feel honored to have a Pattie Lee Becker in our home."

-Martha Russo, Artist & Professor